Solar-PV Roof Intrapec

A collaboration of paper factory Intrapec, consultancy firm Ovento and Pondera Development is working on a solar roof system of approximately 0,5 MWp.

The paper factory wants to use the solar roof system:

  • To make its energy use more sustainable, by generating its own electricity;
  • To make its business socially responsible by producing its products sustainably
  • To contribute to the national and regional goals for renewable energy.

Intrapec Group

The Intrapec Group is specialised in the design and manufacturing of customer-specific cardboard packaging and displays. Since its foundation in 1983, Intrapec has become a total manufacturer in the field of cardboard packaging. This is due to their machine park that is both extensive and advanced, their own design department, their own logistic centre and the possibility to deliver from their own stock.