Pondera Development

Pondera Development works on renewable energy projects that create ways towards a sustainable future. We are proud that some of our projects are very close to realization. We do not start a development project lightly. In fact, we choose only to be part of the development of:

  • Small and/or local initiatives
  • Emerging markets and economies
  • Innovations in renewable energy projects

Supporting small and local initiatives (cooperatives)

Small regional energy cooperatives usually have ambitions for sustainability but often lack the experience and financial capacity for actual project development. Pondera Development can take on these risks – either temporarily or permanently – to help cooperatives accomplish their sustainable goals and ambitions.

Emerging markets and economies

In emerging markets and economies, the lack of experience and financial capacity often form an obstacle for the successful development of renewable energy projects. Pondera Development can play a role in these projects by taking on some of the development risks. This will increase the project’s chance of success.

Encouraging innovation in renewable energy projects

To accomplish the energy transition is a huge challenge. We need to use our available sources of renewable energy, and here is where innovation plays a very important role. Pondera Development will support projects that contribute to innovative solutions in renewable energy because this will bring us closer to a sustainable planet.